Bernie Sanders Just Gave Up

screen_shot_20151015_at_2.49.19_pm.png.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge.49.19_pmTuesday’s Democratic debate was nowhere near as compelling as either of the two Republican debates, but it was eventful because the front runner wasn’t knocked from her position.   Hillary Clinton made it through unscathed, and she’s the automatic winner as nobody scored any political points at her expense.  That’s the way things work in primary debates and boxing.  You need to knock the champ out to be declared the winner.

But something very curious did happen.  When the subject of Hillary’s e-mail scandal was broached by Anderson Cooper, Bernie Sanders made the type of misstep that an underdog rarely recovers from.  He took her side and said that, “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about [her] damn e-mails.”

By not going for her throat and attempting to take her out of the primary race, he basically endorsed Hillary.  It’s all over for Bernie.  He’s no longer a rising anti-establishment force in the Democratic primary race.  He has signaled that he is nothing but a fad candidate.  And like all fad candidates from the past (think Ralph Nader and Ron Paul) his supporters know that he doesn’t expect to win.  Now that they know that he doesn’t expect to win, they’ll cease to take him seriously.

Hillary Clinton won the first debate.  If Joe Biden doesn’t throw his hat into the ring, it’s all over. (I’m still very much convinced that he will, and at the President’s behest.)  Hillary will continue to dominate these debates.  She’s got the money, the political backing of half the establishment, and the capitulation of her so-called opponents in the primary race.  Martin O’Malley not only didn’t go after Hillary at the debate, he lead the charge going against Sanders over his gun-control record.  It’s quite possible that O’Malley is already looking for the second spot on Clinton’s ticket.

While Hillary was the winner of the first debate, she’s not the only winner…  Anderson Cooper emerges surprisingly triumphant from Tuesday’s debate.  Cooper defied expectations by actually being tough on the Democrats.  Apparently, both CNN and Cooper thought it was important, after eight years of fawning over the Democrats and President Obama, to reestablish themselves as a somewhat objective news outlet.  He succeeded, but we won’t be forgetting that CNN (like the bulk of the American media) is in the bag for the Democrats.  But it’s nice to see them making an effort.

I am quite shocked over the Bernie Sanders misstep.  He prefaced his statement with, “Let me say something that might not be great politics… ” and that was really the truth.  I think that Bernie really did want to be president.  I don’t believe that he was running simply to highlight his Leftist agenda or to secure a place in the next administration.  Right now, he has to be beating his head against the wall.  How could he have been so stupid?  Bernie Sanders will look back at this moment as the biggest political mistake of his life.  This statement was an unforced error that has reduced him to being a dignified loser, and propelled Hillary into presumptive nominee status.

Unless Joe Biden makes up his mind, Hillary is definitively going to be the Democratic nominee.


  • Richard Martin

    Do you ever review your predictions? It must be painful. And in fairness I must concede that Sanders’ position on the email issue struck me as foolish and self-defeating. But Bernie knew something that I only discovered two or three years ago. There are liberal Democrats who sincerely believe that any attack on the Clintons or the President are simply a continuation of the vast right-wing conspiracy that Hillary named in 1998.

    I know this makes no sense, because the email investigation is occurring in the Obama Administration. But I once asked a smart liberal friend who had a military background, why she and other Democrats were not more concerned about Benghazi. She said, quite seriously it was just one more faux scandal, like the Birther issue, Obama as Muslim narrative, etc. So I think Bernie chose, rather adroitly, do not pick up an issue that Hillary could clobber him with by saying not only wasn’t he a real Democrat he wasn’t even a real Progressive.

    • If you think that Bernie Sanders isn’t STILL kicking himself in the a$$ every day over that misstep than you have more serious problems than being blocked from my Facebook page. Sanders absolutely DESTROYED his campaign’s momentum with that moronic moment. He might have had the nomination locked up at this point. But, I’m happy to see that you CAN behave yourself when you try. As you can see, I’ll happily engage with anyone — unless they start using insults or threats. (Not that you threatened me — but it’s been done.)

      • Richard Martin

        That’s funny, in your piece you said it was “all over ” for him, but he seems to still be waging a real fight. You’re so in love with your own opinions and predictions that you can’t even acknowledge when they were wrong.

        • First off, you cannot have a refund for any of my articles that may predict something that doesn’t come true — primarily because you’ve paid absolutely nothing for the pleasure of reading my profound wisdom. Secondly, if you say one more marginally insulting thing to me, I’ll treat you as you deserve to be treated and then bar you from my website too. For a preachy fellow you sure can’t seem to behave yourself.

          • plumberskid

            Another open-minded, tolerant liberal. You only allow comments on your webpage if the commenter kisses your ass? You are pathetic. And you’re wrong on so many, many levels…

          • LOL!!! You’re too mentally-challenged to understand that I’m not a liberal – and you’re too dimwitted to see that I’m tolerating virtually any comment. But neither you, nor anyone else, have commenting rights on my webpage. If you don’t like that, you can go frequent a different site.