Blame for the Dead Boy on the Beach

48046275.cachedI am sickened that the mainstream media has been showing images of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s dead body washed up on a Turkish beach.  It is a grotesque breach of basic human decency to exploit this toddler’s death in order to sell newspapers in the Western world.  The number of companies that have used pictures of this child’s corpse is too immense to list.  Suffice it to say that virtually every major newspaper has used these images.  No matter what reasons are put forward, there’s no excuse for it.  I guarantee you that The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post would have never shown a dead German child rolling around in the surf on their front pages.  Those who claim that there’s some social responsibility to show these images are simply more manipulative and disgusting than their competitors.

But where does responsibility lie for this boy’s death?  Aylan Kurdi died with his mother and brother when the small boat they were in capsized.  They were being transported from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos.  His father, Abdullah Kurdi, managed to survive after witnessing the loss of his wife and two children.  This is a  terrible tragedy.  We were first given to believe that the Kurdi family were refugees fleeing war-torn Syria to the safety of Europe.  But in fact, buried deep in the initial news stories, we discover that Abdullah Kurdi and his family were in Turkey since at least last year (and by some accounts, since 2012).  This is not a story of a family killed while trying to escape the Islamic State’s barbarity, they had already managed that.  This is a story of a guy who wanted a more liberal European government to buy him some new teeth.

Abdullah Kurdi apparently had his teeth pulled out while being tortured in the custody of the Islamic State.  Tima Kurdi (his sister in Canada) claimed that it was a $14,000 dental bill that prompted him to leave Turkey for Greece.  She also attempted to lay blame on Canada for the death of her extended family.  She claimed that her entry request for Abdullah had been denied by Canadian officials.  It turns out that this was a lie, Canada never received a request from (or for) Abdullah Kurdi.  They did receive a request from Tima for her other brother, but it was returned for being incomplete.  None of this has stopped Tima Kurdi from continuing to castigate Canada, even as she admits her lie about Abdullah having been denied entry into her adopted country: “To be honest I don’t want to just blame the Canadian government. I’m blaming the whole world for this.”

Let’s review what led up to this horrible event, shall we?

  • Abdullah Kurdi was not fleeing Syria when his family drowned.
  • The Kurdi family had been in Turkey for (at a minimum) a year.  His sister was paying for his rent and expenses.
  • Abdullah wanted a more generous set of government benefits that would pay for his dental work.
  • He therefore decided to sneak illegally into Greece.

It’s a nightmarish tragedy, but it didn’t happen while they were fleeing a war zone.  It happened because Abdullah wanted the Greeks to pony up their money for his needs.  Of course it’s not the West that bears the brunt of the responsibility for these deaths, it’s the Islamic State.  Abdullah Kurdi also bears a good measure of responsibility for the death of his family… unfortunately he’ll have to live with that for the remainder of his days.

But what responsibility does Europe and the West have to those who are literally dying while attempting to gain entry to our countries?  In my opinion we have a tremendous responsibility, but not exactly the one you might be imagining.  I do not believe that we have a duty to take countless millions of refugees into our countries.  Whole populations in the Middle East and Africa are fleeing Jihadi activity.  We need to address the root cause of this problem or the refugees will multiply.

We cannot sit idly by while an army of religious nut jobs slaughter all the Christian, Yazidi, and Kurdish men that they can find.  We cannot simply watch as the Islamic State rounds up the wives and daughters of their vanquished foes, and turns them into sex slaves.  This must end.  This refugee crisis will almost surely force our hands.  If not now, then in very short order as chaos erupts throughout Europe and the rest of the Western world.

They say that Nero fiddled as Rome burned, instead we stare obsessively at our smartphones.



  • Mattias Dahlström


  • My pleasure, Mattias.

  • allah_speaking

    Truly sickening. TEHRAN (FNA)- Photo journalists have moved the dead body of the Kobani child refugee to a better location for photos.

    • The older I get the more horrified I am at the callousness of man. Thanks for the heads up on this development.

  • speed

    Refugees what are they?

    Complicated questions don’t have simple answer, there doorways illuminating insights into our own reasoning perspectives leading to further complexities. Learning at times all it not what it seems and often we are victims of our own thinking.

    Climates are a changing: The propagandizing fraud of manmade global warming will once again cast its frigid pallor over the wintered landscape as a prelude to yet another great ice age grip the world in natural cycle. The real heat is in massive population increases in regions that are politically unstable. Manmade destructive forces external and internal conspire, countries unable to support internally their burgeoning population are creating a world wide humanitarian crisis with such far reaching implications as any great war imposes.

    What to do? In these simple words lays the hotly disputed climate change of political will. Addressing the myriad issues is truly a philosophical one. How we as individual people and collectively as nations are to address the humanitarian crisis the worlds over? To understand the present one needs to understand the past, and how nationalism, culture, religion, racism, war mold the historic paradigms effecting us all. The advancement of civilization itself is a story created by the survivors of armed conflict and written by the victors. Truly eugenics in action and what is more compelling than this for humanity?

    Ancient history is the same as recent history. All nations are born and held by the human fire’s of conflict. The History of America itself a reflection of what civilization building is and example to future generations as to what it takes to make and hold a nation. Just a part was the genocidal annihilation of the native peoples (Indians) who themselves were the victorious survivors from their own genocidal past. Displacing the natives was but a necessary step as the major powers in their time England, France, Spain, Germany, Russia etc fought and traded the new lands like poker chips in a world wide game over domination for centuries. The cost in lives and misery incalculable, however we are here today as descendents to debate this typical past, and would we have it any other way?

    Cause and effect, over the last century, we had two major world wars, and myriad lesser wars, police actions, add the genocidal revolutions in Russia (millions), China (50 million), Cambodia (millions) and so many African countries (millions). We should not forget the German civilian population holocaust following after WW2 ended, where our allies the Soviet Union forcibly displaced two and a half million civilians from their homes in eastern Europe to escape nowhere across the no mans land road to oblivion. The Soviet government was long practiced at killing their own people (Holodomor etc ) they considered undesirables Jew, peasants the unwashed. With no place to go no food to eat the streets were littered with the bodies of those who dropped dead in their tracks left to the elements. This is a scene repeated over and over in history by many countries. The atrocities inflicted by the Germans against the perceived despicable race types including the Jewish peoples with their propagandized inferior religion and blood; exactly the attitude the American people took against the Indians. This is a prejudicial theme replayed throughout history with dire consequences for the vanquished, yet inculcating with victory a paradigm reality asserting moral righteousness. With everyone of these tragedies comes the refugees.

    And in all great struggles is the political spin. WW2 which set the world stage politically for our time now is always considered a great victory for the West. And it is, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. We allied ourselves with the Soviet Union, as despicable a nation there ever was, Hitler’s former allied pardoner.The Soviets killed more civilians before ww2 started than the Germans did in the Holocaust. The Soviets invaded eastern Europe hand in hand with Hitler while Germany invaded western Poland and Europe. America did not declare war on the Axis powers until after Germany reneged on the treaties with Soviets in declaring war on them in Aug 1941. At the end of the war American forces stopped short of Berlin and eastern Europe allowing the Soviets to claim large sections of central Europe including Berlin so we could save American life’s at the cost in a terrible enslavement for many countries.

    The Barbaric style seen by the Japanese during WW2 seem no worse than what our allied Chinese became, killing near 50 million of there own citizen in a purge unlike the world has ever seen. The million killed by the Chinese invasion of Tibet nearly making enough room for the graves needed by their obscene revolution. Then Nixon opens the doors to China. I knew at the time it was a horrific idea and a pandoras box we would long regret. The Muslims are as nothing compared to the might and strength from this communist power who played America for the political fools we are.

    What should be seen and read between the historic lines is one’s own government is often the greater cause of miserly and death that declared enemies. Lies and propaganda fuel to invigorate patriotism
    among a population against enemies foreign and domestic. How many are drafted against their will or manipulated into thinking the governments cause is a great and noble purpose in the fight for righteousness therein protecting the historic homeland and culture.

    People, civilization and governments don’t intrinsically change. Just the place and names of the dead. Today is no different than a hundred years ago, or 5 minutes ago. What has changed is world population growth and modernity. The shear scope and scale in numbers combined with the ability to transport large numbers in population thousands of miles quickly, combine with evolving modernity in Christianity Western Cultural attitudes and values. This new found thinking has strived to give equality to women, races, gender identity, financial class through legal and political socialistic means. In Western Culture a short time ago feminists ideals were repudiated, the activists jailed for rallying the causes that seem normal to us now female vote, equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity, freedoms found in Pro Choice still are zealously debated by religious fanatics, sometimes with murderous consequences for doctors and mothers. However there is a price to pay, marriage has less value, the males traditional place heading a house hold slipped. The principles found in manliness that were once lauded held to an emasculating equal partnership. All the while what might be found positive in Christian ethic weakened.

    In this desire for perceived moral superiority that comes with embracing equality through liberalization, there is a prejudice to the real differences inherent in people and how this effects culture, in this naivety the effects from ones own desires, liberalize modernity, rebound degenerating and weakening a culture from within.

    What tempers the Western humanitarian prerogative is, the world finds itself amidst a resurgent Abrahamic religious struggle renewed since the creation of Israel by the west. This has injected idolatrous zealotry into the old historic hatreds Jew, Christian, Muslim against each other for cultural and theological world domination.

    In a practical terms there are directed religious and political forces at work besides the new found attitudes modernity has instilled upon Western Culture. When refuges or immigrants overwhelm a culture by shear numbers there is real cause and effect. Particularly if the immigrants are from a religiously divergent faith, marginally educated and culturally indoctrinated into a very different way of thinking; Sharia law and Islamic Jurisprudence differ in essential fundamental ways, the political, cultural and religious view a paradigm shift from the realities we enjoy in the West and declare wars to protect.

    WW1 killed (near 18 million), little could be done about the great Influenza epidemic of 1919, killed (near 50 million), yet the world suffers millions killed each year from malaria, AIDS, myriad disease and simple agricultural mismanagement causing death and suffering that could be prevented or relieved simply my what a sum or money could do. We do not open our boarder for them or empty the reserves in wealth we possess to save them, we pay token tributes only. We have millions crossing the southern boarder from Mexico some dying and a few drowning while fording the rivers. The cause? south of this boarder corrupt incompetent governments ruling a peoples incapable to help themselves. Always it is the have-not’s searching refuge in countries that have. You don’t have historic black African slave descendents any more than Mexicans trying to reach the shores of Africa seeking refuge in countries like Mauritania, any more than Syrian refugees wanting to go there.

    The floodgate open Latin American refugees have changed American culture, the English language that united the country is now being bisected by Spanish from within. The desire to reclaim southwestern United States by racist preponderance using any political means possible, LA Raza (for many seen as a racial hate group), anchor babies, illegal imagination, claming American ID’s and voting rights etc. Concomitant cultural heritage has changed for many what was once peaceable neighborhoods into expanding crime ridden gang controlled areas. What ever the negative there are positives, culture is not stagnant and does evolve. This example is an important one and a interesting one for Americans because it is a long lasting political powder keg we as a country have been struggling with. But Latin America refugees crossing the southern boarder are from Christian countries and share a somewhat similar religious and cultural attitude. The desire by Latin Americans to control politically America by cultural influence and vote is very real. Already America has been forever changed.

    Traditional Europe has suffered a far worse fate as the flood of immigrants and refugees come from a very different cultural background and are often Muslims or come from Muslim States. The foot solders in this new war for hearts and minds is the power to change culture from within by religious, ethnic cultural demographic means and influencing politically by vote. The Caucasian affluent Christian West have fewer children while the impoverished Middle East Muslim areas have a large populating willing to migrate into the affluent west for low paying jobs and a better way of life. This is the understandable surface reasons so predictably given and understood by liberalism as reasonable. The liberal modernity in attitude has allowed large numbers to immigrate, changing the face of these counties. There has been a long brewing political reaction to this, including riots in the streets. I know personally a Frenchman who married an Asian woman. There raising two young daughters and he will not live in Paris anymore, moving out from his homeland country because he feels the raised threat level dangers to his daughters while attending school are unacceptable. I would not send children to public school in America for philosophical reason as modernity shapes the curriculum of an already unacceptable institution. Premier institutions of high learning may be exempted as the adult mind can fend and think for itself. Yet, much taught in college is propagandizing to agendas.

    This “New Crisis” from Syria refugees is nothing but the old same said crisis on going for years, added to all the other crisis. It is business as usual, the right in might is about what power group can glen from situations for their own political advantage. This is a seeming heartless view, but as we are asked to give away what we have spent lifetimes in armed struggle to obtain and defend it is worth the time to coldly evaluate what our actions truly mean, and why we do what we do. Why don’t we just pay for the refugees to go to the richest country in the world that has a land area large enough to disperse these new found refugees, China. But China clings to its nationalism strongly and wants no part interfering with Abrahamic Holy Wars and the great human flood tides caused by them. Just like so many other countries will categorically refuse entry for any more than a very small token amount that will have nearly zero effect culturally.

    The world is filled with human suffering, death and tragedy. Over prescribed prescription drugs a national shame killing tens upon tens of thousands a year and hospitalizing millions, over indulgence in drinking and smoking deadly, wretched foods and diets that corrupted a healthy body and mind an abomination. Even a simple bar of soap in the bathroom a killer. In America tens of thousands commit suicide every year. Life and death, how you live, how you wish your culture and expectation the culture provides are all a concern A refugee crises compels our rapt attentions as collective decisions do make real differences. Population size, limited resources, and the ability for a given government to govern wisely in providing a population the basic necessities of life are difficult enough, but when man made war, plague, famine strike what balance man has achieved in his harmony with civilization, the facade destroyed.

    We are left with is it worth the cost to destroy a cultural heritage from within by ones own government who does so for humanitarian reason, Cicero spoke wisely 2 millennium ago about the worst enemy has the face of your friend empowered in government. If the same fate were presented as an attack by an enemy the country would rise up to a man in national defense. In the extreme does Western culture wish to see the Christian ethics and historic ethnic people supplanted and replaced by immigrants who follow and espouse a Islamic faith. We can try saving who we might, but repatriation of everyone to the home country after the crises has cooled is a way to be humane and protect citizens birthrights. What is lost by the liberal West is for years there has been a concerted effort by disparate groups to immigrate into Europe from myriad counties, however there is a theme is this and it is a supplanting the native peoples and culture of Europe inch by inch, decade by decade, vote by vote; using these countries own liberal modernity against itself. There is a religious war and Islam wishes to win it. The Jewish State has felt this wrath since it’s inception and Christians are finely coming to realize the dangers inherent in a religious enemy that has no country, has no borders what they have is there Abrahamic faith which has a long and terrible history what ever the brand. The Muslims have a powerful heritage across the Middle East and the world to give it power. We now have ISIS, the Taliban before and so many other names to give a face. We must also realize refugees pouring into Europe are not pouring into China or the worst of Africa. Just like the American government under Obama encouraging as many immigrants into America to change the political climate by ethnic and cultural eugenics. Other power, the Islamic faith itself see the opportunity to do the same in Europe and is.

    Until a true spiritual enlightenment touches mankind’s heart, murderous zealotry born in ancient religious faiths endanger us all from the action fanatics undertake. The reality is the average follower who is peaceable give a climate of comforting acceptance therein protecting the ardent pathological extremist. In this new phase, Islamic Modernity, every follower is the extremist in the battle to overwhelm Christianity and Judaism by shear numbers in cultural pressure. When one adds the magic that modern science has become and will become in the next century. How we think and conduct ourselves will become far more important than what ancient religions have failed to teach. Yes the world is heating up and it’s going to be a long cold winter in our discontent.

    Philosophy is all that is left: what humanity truly means at what cost.