Demand an Open Convention or Lose the Election

Bernie and HillaryMany people on my side of the aisle are celebrating the release of Democratic National Committee emails that show that they were in the bag for Hillary Clinton all along.  This is unsurprising to anyone who pays attention to politics.  It’s been the disgust with the corrupt ruling elite that has fueled the candidacies of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.   The emails confirm that both of these candidates were completely correct – the system was rigged against them.  Trump was adept enough to decimate a field of 16 candidates, despite the wishes of his party’s ruling elite.  Sanders was not as fortunate — and that is partially his own fault.

Sanders had the opportunity to take Hillary out of the race by simply hammering her on her own email scandal, but, instead, he chose to take the high road and defend her during the first debate.  I’m sure it’s a moment he relives (like a nightmare) over and over.  He had the momentum and he squandered it for a pointless gesture.  Hillary would have never done the same for him.  The Clintons understand that presidential politics is a blood sport — one that they play to win.

But it’s not all over yet…

To secure the Democratic Party nomination, a candidate needs 2,382 delegates.  Today is the first day of the convention and votes have not yet been cast.  Hillary Clinton has 2,205 pledged delegates coming out of the primaries and Bernie Sanders has 1,846.  There are 602 superdelegates who are supposedly committed to Hillary and there are 48 who are committed to supporting Sanders.  Hillary Clinton does not have the required amount of pledged delegates needed to secure the nomination.  If all 650 superdelegates were to vote for Sanders, he would have much more than the required amount to become the nominee.  But that’s not the only option…

The DNC rules committee could, today, recommend that all delegates be unbound in order to vote their conscience.  If they don’t that, the delegates themselves could take matters into their own hands and demand a vote on the rules in order to release delegates from being bound by their states’ primaries.  If the party proceeds to nominate the most openly corrupt politician in the modern age, they will surely lose this election.

Crooked Hillary Clinton cannot possibly beat Donald Trump.  Between the hundreds of millions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation by countries conducting business with Hillary’s State Department, to the millions that both Clintons collected from Wall Street for speaking engagements, people are already hard-pressed to defend her integrity with a straight face.  But now that the DNC has been caught red-handed gaming the system for her, Hillary is just too damaged a candidate – she cannot possibly win.

Bernie now has a better chance than Hillary of winning the general election.  If the convention proceeds as the ruling elites desire, corruption will be openly institutionalized in the party, and the Democrats will suffer an embarrassing defeat in November.