Don’t Mess With The Donald, Baby

donald-trump-8ebff8cb59119daaWhen Donald Trump watched Megyn Kelly’s return to her show on Monday, he decided to take a few shots at her on Twitter.  This caused a bit of blowback from the media, but who else really cares?  It won’t cost The Donald a single vote.  When Kelly decided to spearhead an attack designed to end Donald’s candidacy she became his political foe.  Now she finds herself subject to his Twitter attacks:

“I liked The Kelly File much better without @megynkelly. Perhaps she could take another eleven day unscheduled vacation!”

Including his re-tweeting someone else’s line:

“@mstanish53: @realDonaldTrump @megynkelly The bimbo back in town . I hope not for long .”

If she didn’t want to get involved in the political fray, maybe she shouldn’t have gotten involved in the political fray.  If she had simply moderated a debate rather than attempting to become a participant, she wouldn’t be in this position now.  Trump is relentless.  He’s like a dog with a bone.  If you don’t like him gnawing at your bone, don’t toss it to him.  I’m not worried about Ms. Kelly.  She can defend herself, push back, or bow out completely.  She can take care of herself, she’s a grown woman.

But let’s look at why he tweeted that particular line.  Many people are claiming that this was unnecessary and out of line.  But I’m pretty sure that he was sending a message to the rest of the media…  If you don’t want him going after you repeatedly, don’t try to sandbag him.

The media is filled with political activists pretending to be objective journalists.  Last week ABC reporter Tom Llamas confronted Trump at a press conference and tried to correct Donald’s use of the term “anchor baby”:

Trump would have none of it.  He stopped the reporter from talking over him, and asked him what term exactly did Llamas expect him to be using?  After Llamas muttered: “The American-born child of an undocumented immigrant,” Trump dismissed him and (as Llamas continued to try and talk over him) said forcefully: “I’ll use the word anchor baby.”   (By the way, ABC edited the exchange to remove Trump’s question and the garbled answer.)

These reporters aren’t just asking objective questions and looking for a candidate’s position to present honestly to the public.  These are political agents who are happy to be participants in a fight where they never get punched back.  We’ve been waiting for a politician to stand up to their politically correct browbeating, and this is one of the reasons why Trump is so popular.  Trump won’t let the media re-frame the issues or correct his language to suit their PC desires.

When Trump first announced his candidacy he caused quite a stir in the media by targeting illegal aliens and saying that they were bringing a wave of crime with them over the border.  After that statement, Univision cut ties with his Miss USA pageant (he’s suing them now).  Univision’s Jorge Ramos basically said (on the air Monday night) that Trump was spreading hate.  Tuesday, Ramos tried to steamroll over Trump at the start of Trump’s press conference.  When Trump came into the room of reporters Ramos was already standing up and shouting his anti-deportation diatribe at Trump.  The Donald told him to sit down, that he hadn’t been called on.  When Ramos refused and continued his shouting, Trump gave security the nod, and had him removed:

In short order, Donald allowed him back and took Ramos’ questions.  Notice how The Donald handled Ramos’ grilling.  He’s proving himself more than a match for members of the media who behave more like community agitators than journalists.  Reporters have gotten used to interrupting and talking over politicians (who need them for the access to the airwaves).  The Donald not only won’t put up with that nonsense, he understands that he brings a ratings bonanza to everyone that covers him.  He makes them a ton of cash with every appearance.  They need him much more than he needs to bow to their will.  He’s wily enough to know this, and leverage it to his benefit.

Look at the differences between Donald and the rest of the field in both parties:

  • He won’t back down and change his positions or rhetoric to suit the language-police in the media.
  • He speaks (and answers questions) without notes or a teleprompter.
  • And he’s making himself available for live press conferences continually throughout his campaign.

Everyone else has carefully polled and scripted answers that they practice with their advisers before having a single press conference.  Hillary has had her aides rope the press off from her.  She habitually ignores questions from the press, avoids press conferences for weeks, and jokes dismissively when asked about criminal investigations into her activities.  Tell me again how Donald wouldn’t wipe the floor with her in an actual debate?

Trump has no problem dealing with the press.  He likes it.  He thinks on his feet.  He decimates those who are foolish enough to think that they will get away with correcting his language or shaming him on camera.  He attacks those who attack him, and he’s unapologetic about it too.  It’s not simply that we like him in spite of his harsh ways.  We like him because he pulls no punches while defending himself or his positions.

We’ve been waiting for a guy like this for a long time.  Who would’ve thought that the guy we’ve been waiting for was… Donald Trump?