It’s Time to Dispense With Paul Ryan

Paul RyanWho does Paul Ryan think he is?  He’s not royalty.  We shouldn’t need to court him like some reluctant school girl in order to get him to support the Republican nominee.  He just came out and pointedly refused to support Donald Trump… again.  For God’s sake, he’s the Republican Speaker of the House!  Someone needs to explain to him that the #NeverTrump crowd has lost — and they were never a significant portion of the Republican Party in any case.  He’s just an elected representative, not some sort of potentate.  If Ryan can’t enthusiastically support Trump as the Republican nominee then he needs to be removed as Speaker — he is not representing the will of the Republican voting base.

Trump is making a big mistake putting up with this guy.  If I had Trump’s ear I’d tell him to get on the phone and read the riot act to this pampered child.  Inform Ryan that if, at the end of the phone call, Ryan doesn’t come out and enthusiastically endorse the nominee of the party then he will be immediately dealt with.  Trump should explain that he can easily win the presidency by continuing to run against the party establishment, and that it would be his pleasure to use Ryan as the poster boy for that effort.  Trump could also say that if Ryan doesn’t immediately support him then he’ll demonstrate what an immediate and enthusiastic endorsement looks like by actively campaigning for Ryan’s opponent – Paul Nehlen – the very next day.  I guarantee that if Trump plays hardball with this tool of the ruling elite then Ryan will fall right in line like the beta male that he is.

No matter what Trump does, I think it’s time to take matters into our own hands.  Paul Ryan is openly attempting to harm the party’s chosen candidate.  He has therefore positioned himself as an enemy of the party — and as such we need to remove him from power.  His actions are as much an attack against Republican voters as they are an attack against Donald Trump.  Paul Ryan seems to think that he’s our master rather than our servant.  Maybe Sara Palin is right  — maybe we need to “Cantor” this arrogant low-life.  What has he ever actually done for us?  Has he passed a budget that reduces spending?  No.  Instead Ryan passed a 2,000-page 1.1 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill in December that funded (among other things) amnesty, sanctuary cities, refugee placement, tax credits for illegal aliens, and all the spending increases that John Boehner gave to Obama as his final capitulation to the Democrats before he left office.

Paul Ryan is just another phony conservative who talks a great game but is actually in bed with the Democrats.  Thanks to him, we are still borrowing and spending more and more of your grandchildren’s money.  We need to utterly defeat him.  He is our political enemy.  He’s attacking our candidate while he functions as a willing collaborator of the Democrats and Barack Obama.  No matter what Trump decides to do, we must rid our party of Paul Ryan.

Call your representative in the House and insist that Ryan be removed from his leadership position.  Make sure that your congressman understands that if he does not oust Ryan you will be donating to his primary opponent and voting him out of office come November.  But that’s only half the attack.  It’s also time for all of us to back Ryan’s primary challenger.  If our representatives won’t remove Ryan then we can do so ourselves.  I’m sending $25.00 to Paul Nehlen’s campaign and you should too.

You’ve heard the phrase: “Throw the bums out!”  This is the time that we’ve been waiting for.  The moneyed elite that runs the party wants to destroy our candidate.  Throw their faithful puppets out of power.  We’ll never see a better opportunity to clean house — let’s take advantage of it.

  • Richard Martin

    “When I make a mistake it’s a beaut.” I hurriedly read this on Facebook and it never dawned on me that you would write something so puerile. When i challenged several points on the merits you responded only with profanity, insults, and ad hominem attack. Not one word about the merits of anything I said. And then you blocked me. I have no doubt that you will remove this comment once you see it. Like your Dear Leader you cannot meaningfully to contrary opinions. Deep deep insecurity is another trait you share with Trump. I actually kind of feel sorry for you.

    • Aww… are your little feelings hurt? Don’t worry, Sunshine, while I’ve blocked you from my Facebook account, I left your juvenile “points” up for everyone else to consider. Your insulting language is left intact as well.

    • Glad to have blocked you. Make sure to keep clicking pages on my site — that’ll show me!

      • Richard Martin

        I appreciate the invitation.