Of Course There’s Voter Fraud

New York Voting MachineIt’s election year again – and that means another series of articles and cable news reports claiming that voter fraud is simply a myth that’s promulgated by Republicans intent on violating people’s right to vote.  It doesn’t matter how many cases of voter fraud are actually exposed – the Democratic Party and their pals in the media continue to push the narrative that voter fraud either does not exist, or that it’s so rare that it’s inconsequential.  Of course voter fraud exists.  And like every other election cycle in the modern era, we need to point out the evidence ourselves rather than simply rely on the media to do it for us.

Let’s look at a few cases in order to understand the issue:

This year, an investigation by CBS4 in Denver found multiple cases of dead people voting – and in multiple elections too.  They identified the voter fraud by simply comparing voting history databases to a federal death database.  You would think that this is something done routinely by the officials in charge – but you’d be wrong.  In one of the cases, a women voted four times after her death only to be joined by her husband who voted once after his death.  Someone’s been filling out the absentee ballots for these two dead people – and their daughter seemed belligerent when questioned about it by the reporters.

In 2012, NBC2 in Florida decided to see if it could find any cases of non-citizens voting in our elections.  They did something simple in their investigation that state officials seemed never to have thought of – they compared lists of people excused from jury duty with lists of registered voters.  Nearly a hundred people revealed that they weren’t citizens in order to get out of jury duty – but they were still registered to vote in Florida.  Well (you say), being registered doesn’t mean that these people actually voted.  Except that when one of these non-citizens was contacted, she said: “I vote every year.”  These hundred or so voters are only the ones that were found by this particular search.  How many non-citizens actually served on a jury?  How many aliens (illegal or otherwise) are registered to vote, but haven’t been summoned for jury duty?  How many have been summoned but didn’t show up – or claimed some hardship to get out of jury duty?  These questions are unanswerable.  County supervisors told the reporters that “they have no way to verify citizenship. Under the 1992 Motor Voter Law, they’re not required to ask for proof.”

Remember, in Florida the 2000 presidential election was decided by only a few hundred votes.

In February, Robert Monroe was convicted of voting multiple times in several elections.  He voted in both Wisconsin and Indiana by both absentee ballot and in person.  He plead no contest to thirteen separate counts of voter fraud, but he claimed to be suffering from “fugue states” that caused him not to remember his actions.   The judge sentenced him to “a year in jail, in addition to a suspended three-year prison sentence, five years’ probation, 300 hours of community service, and a $5,000 fine.”  The judge said that “[i]f it were in my power to order that you never vote again, I would.”

In 2013, Melowese Richardson (a former poll worker) was convicted of four counts of illegal voting between 2009 and 2012.  These included voting as her comatose sister and voting by absentee ballot in the same election in which she also voted in person.  But don’t worry about Ms. Richardson having to serve her full five-year sentence, she was released after a few months due to pressure from Democratic activists.  She subsequently received a hero’s welcome from Al Sharpton and others attending a voting rights rally in Ohio.

Others have also compiled lists of verified cases of voter fraud.  The Heritage Foundation has a list of hundreds of cases.  In it, you can find examples such as these:

  • Olivia Lee Reynolds – Was convicted of 24 counts of voter fraud while working on the 2013 campaign of her boyfriend, Amos Newsome, who was reelected City Commissioner by only 14 votes.  While Newsome lost the in-person vote “by a wide margin,” he won an unbelievable 96% of the absentee ballot vote.  Reynolds was sentenced to six months in jail.
  • Nathaniel Gosha and Lizzie Mae Perry“Nathaniel Gosha was convicted of 25 counts (nine felony counts of falsifying ballots and 16 counts of second-degree possession of a forged instrument) of voter fraud [and] for offering to sell absentee votes…  Lizzie Mae Perry, plead guilty to two felony counts of falsifying absentee ballots and two misdemeanor counts of disclosing votes. Gosha was sentenced to 180 days in jail, 4.5 years of probation, and $2,600 in court fines. Perry was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 18 months’ probation.”
  • James and Karen Marshall – Convicted in 2009 of voter fraud.  They voted by absentee ballot in Kansas while also voting at the polls in Arizona.   They were sentenced to one year of probation each.
  • Larry Gray – In 2002, he plead guilty to casting 25 fraudulent absentee ballots in other peoples’ names during the primary election.  The authorities claim that he applied for 200 absentee ballots and submitted 98 of them in the Democratic primary – but he’s only been convicted of the ones in his plea deal.
  • Deanna Swenson – In 2013, she was convicted of altering multiple ballots while working as an elections official in the 2012 election in Oregon.  She was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

I could cite many more from The Heritage Foundation’s list, but you should really check it out yourself.  True the Vote has also compiled an equally comprehensive list of hundreds of people convicted on a wide variety of voter fraud charges.

In 2010, 18 former workers of the now-defunct ACORN organization either admitted guilt or were convicted of various forms of election fraud – these included submitting dozens of fraudulent voter registration forms, falsely swearing in an election, and interference with election officials.  Some were sentenced to jail time and some were not.

In 2011, after a two-year investigation, members of the local Democratic Party machine were indicted for forging a multitude of absentee ballots while attempting to fix the Working Families Party (WFP) primary.  They were trying to get Democrats nominated as the WFP candidate.  People can run on multiple parties in New York – and winning a third-party slot on the ballot can help assure a general-election win for a major-party candidate.  The conspirators were:
  • City Council President, Clement Campana
  • Councilman, John Brown
  • Former Housing Authority Clerk, Anthony DeFiglio
  • Former City Clerk, William McInerney
  • City Council and Democratic Party employee, Anthony Renna
  • County Elections Commissioner, Edward McDonough
  • Councilman, Michael LoPorto

They tricked, manipulated, and bribed welfare recipients, immigrants, college students, and the mentally-ill in order to get control of absentee ballots to commit extensive voter fraud.  In the end, four of them were convicted – they got between 100 hours of community service to six months in jail.  The state police reported that both Renna and DeFiglio claimed that “voter fraud is an accepted way of winning elections, and faking absentee ballots was commonplace.”

In 2014, the Washington Post tried to convince us that in-person voter fraud is so rare that only thirty-one cases could be found over a fourteen-year period.  They said that most voter fraud is conducted by other means – such as absentee ballot.  The point about absentee ballot fraud is true – it’s rampant.  But people who want to stop voter fraud by requiring proper ID also want to limit the ability to conduct absentee ballot fraud as well.  These efforts would work together to ensure that one person’s legitimate vote isn’t being invalidated by another person’s illegal vote.

Even as we hear the mantra from the Democrats and their supporters in the media that voter fraud isn’t real we also see more cases of voter fraud and irregularities coming to light:

Wikileaks recently released evidence of collusion between Democrats in Hillary Clinton’s inner circle and major figures in the media – some of them are former Democratic Party operatives like George Stephanopoulos and Donna Brazile.  Wikileaks published an email from Brazile in which she sent a debate question to Hillary’s people while she was still working at CNN.  Brazile was subsequently brought in to replace Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman because the DNC was exposed by Wikileaks of unfairly favoring Clinton in the primaries.  It seems that Democrats are working every angle in order to rig our elections. 

Over the last few weeks, James O’Keefe has released videos of Democratic Party operatives describing dirty tricks to incite violence at Trump rallies.   In his second video, an operative brags about how to steal elections by sending voter cheats to other municipalities and states in order to cast fraudulent votes.  While they haven’t yet been convicted of any voter fraud, the tactics described do not seem too far-fetched when we look at the types of cases detailed above.  By the way, Robert Creamer, one of the men exposed in the videos, has visited the White House 342 times since 2009.  He has personally met with President Obama 47 times.  White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that Creamer isn’t really a close friend of the President or anything like that.  (That’s tremendously reassuring.)

Considering everything we know about voter fraud, systemic corruption, and attempts to rig elections is it any wonder why Republicans want to crack down on voter fraud?  Of course Democrats don’t want voter ID laws or limits on the use of absentee ballots – they’ve made an art form out of fraudulent voting.

Here’s a list of my proposed safeguards for fair elections:

  • People must present a government-issued ID to vote.
  • All state IDs need to prominently display the citizenship status of the ID holder.
  • States need to provide free IDs to anyone claiming hardship.
  • The government should provide expediters to assist people in getting the appropriate paperwork needed for a state-issued ID – even if this means transportation to multiple agencies.
  • Elderly people who may have been born before the needed paperwork was commonplace should be eligible for an exemption to the ID requirements.  This exemption system should be administered by the executive branch of the state and be subject to federal oversight.
  • Serious restrictions on the use of absentee ballots.  They’re designed for people who are absent – not as an alternative method of voting.
  • Voting should be done on a single day – extended voting periods offer greater opportunities for fraud.
  • Election day should be a federal holiday.
  • Voters should be paid by the government to vote.  A voucher could be issued that could either be cashed or applied to that citizens’ federal tax bill.  This voucher should be equal to a day’s wage of an average municipal worker.

Let me assure you, no matter what reasonable accommodations the Republicans offer to include in order to protect people’s ability to vote while they enact voter ID laws, the Democrats will always oppose them.

Democrats are simply too reliant on the illegal vote to ever agree to reform the system.



  • American GunNut

    You CBS4 Denver story shows that the daughter of a man and woman who had died yet voted after death is a registered REPUBLICAN. It’s the Repubes that generally cheat. Sorry Charlie.

    • LOL!!! I want ALL voter fraud prosecuted or prevented – not just the fraud regularly perpetrated by your party. And are you 12? “Sorry Charlie” seems oddly juvenile. Remember to keep clicking my links…