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Challenging the Campus Victim Culture

5641956dc46188e85b8b4590Universities throughout the country are erupting in various forms of protest, all fueled by a culture of glorified victimhood.  At Yale, we’ve seen students in an uproar over a professor speaking out for freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas.  The students interpreted this as a form of oppression and white privilege. (That professor subsequently debased himself with an apology to the mob.)  At the University of Missouri, we’ve watched a movement sparked by racist incidents turn into outright intimidation by attempting to stifle opposing views, and drive student journalists away from recording their campus insurrection.  The campus police have announced that they want students to report incidents of “hateful or hurtful speech” to them.  They do admit that so-called offensive language isn’t illegal, but that the school may choose to take action anyway.  Now the student body president is admitting that he lied when he reported that the KKK was roaming the campus.  Things are getting out of hand very quickly.

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Bernie Sanders Just Gave Up

screen_shot_20151015_at_2.49.19_pm.png.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge.49.19_pmTuesday’s Democratic debate was nowhere near as compelling as either of the two Republican debates, but it was eventful because the front runner wasn’t knocked from her position.   Hillary Clinton made it through unscathed, and she’s the automatic winner as nobody scored any political points at her expense.  That’s the way things work in primary debates and boxing.  You need to knock the champ out to be declared the winner.

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Why are Democrats Discounting Bernie Sanders?

Bernie 2As we all enjoy the spectacle of the Donald Trump candidacy, the other big story of the election season is being discounted by the media and the power brokers of the Democratic Party.   That story is the unprecedented rise of an unabashed socialist as a legitimate contender for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency.  As I write this, Senator Bernie Sanders is leading in the polls in the early primary states.  In Iowa, Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton by 22 points in a YouGov/CBS News Poll.  The Real Clear Politics average of polls has him dominating Hillary in New Hampshire  42.3% to 34.7%.  And the new CNN/ORC poll has Sanders trailing Hillary nationally by only 10 points.  If Sanders is consistently on the rise, and Hillary is steadily on the decline, why is there a movement by the Party and the media to find another candidate?

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The Left is Feeding on Itself

640px-Black_Lives_Matter_protestThis week Sen. Bernie Sanders and Gov. Martin O’Malley were both booed off the stage by members of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  O’Malley made the mistake of saying: “I know, I know… Let me talk a little bit… Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.”  For members of the professionally aggrieved class of agitating Lefties, that is a big no-no.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Socialist, or a Liberal member of the Democratic party in good standing.  When the new agitators show up and start chanting “Black Lives Matter!”  You’re not allowed to agree that ALL lives matter.  That’s just considered a micro-aggression.  You’re not allowed (by their measurements) to minimize what they’re saying by expressing empathy towards everyone.  It’s insufficient to imply that you’ll be striving to treat everyone the same, if elected.  You’re supposed to show sympathy and support to their race exclusively, and their cause explicitly, or you’re just part of the racist system that’s keeping them down.  Continue reading The Left is Feeding on Itself