That’s a Man, Baby!

I’m a “live and let live” type of guy.  I don’t care who you sleep with, what you wear, or what affectations you’ve decided to adopt.  I am unconcerned with other people’s sexual proclivities.  As long as you aren’t attempting to bed children, I couldn’t care less about your sex life.  That doesn’t mean that I approve of every behavior a person could adopt — I just don’t care.

If a guy wants to dress up like a woman, I am not interested in preventing him from doing so.  If a woman wants to wear a suit and call herself Charlie, it doesn’t matter to me.  I might think that they’re odd — but once again, it’s none of my business.  I don’t care.

If a man pays a doctor to prescribe female hormones to him in order to better facilitate his attempts at appearing to be a woman, that’s his business.  I don’t care.  If he pays a doctor to shove saline bags into his chest, I might find it peculiar — but I don’t care.  If he finds a doctor who’s willing to castrate him and fashion a fake “vagina” out of his sliced-up penis, I think that might be considered insane – but I’m not looking to outlaw the procedure.  Doctors willing to mutilate people are acting immorally but not illegally — and I don’t care.

But let’s be abundantly clear: no amount of hormones, breast implants, or mutilations will actually turn a man into a woman or a woman into a man.  Bruce Jenner is not a woman, no matter how many fashion magazines decide to name him “Woman of the Year.”  Chastity Bono paid some butcher to cut off her breasts and prescribe male hormones to her – that did not actually turn her into a man.  We do these troubled people no favors by pretending that their fantasies are reality.

Now the Obama administration has ordered every American school that receives any form of federal funding to accommodate the desires of so-called transgendered youth in accessing the bathrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities of their choice.  Do you want me sauntering into a women’s shower because I suddenly decide that I “identify” as a women (at least for the next 15 minutes)?  Too bad — the Justice Department says that you can’t stop me.

The reason for having sex-segregated bathroom facilities is specifically to prevent men from invading the private spaces of women.

The Obama administration has officially jumped the shark.

  • occupylove

    Great article. Some refreshing truth. Hard to get that from the trans cult